For as long as he can remember, it has been 9-year-old Ken’s dream to open an animal shelter to help the stray dogs and cats on the streets of the Philippines. That dream has now become a reality thanks to his own hard work and the help of his father, concerned locals, and kind donors from all over the world. The main goal of Ken’s shelter, named the Happy Animals Club, is to rescue dogs from the city pound, where most of them are put down.



Hey lovelies, these are some photos I took for my cousin, Jess. I think Jess is gorgeous but she is constantly battling with self love and confidence. I could tell her a thousand times how beautiful I find her but she’ll just continue to sum it up to us being close family members. I was thinking that maybe a couple of strangers would help prove my point that her body size does not determine her beauty or self worth and that she is a beautiful young woman who deserves to know it. 

OMG! She should be proud of her body size! I’m not sayings that to mean like it doesn’t matter what people say because that’s not true. Im saying it because it’s her, she’s not a stick fucking thin model- thank god! I. Hate. Those. She’s so pretty! Tell her that she shouldn’t ever wear makeup! I love her hair color and her eyes.

- bella